Community Group Activities and Events.

Membership Guidelines

Sorrento Activity Centre Membership means……..

  • Where possible, members are encouraged to become actively engaged on an ongoing basis with various aspects of the Club’s activities and functions.
  • To remain as an active member you are expected to attend Club activities at least eight times per year.
  • Members will receive regular and updated information about Club Activities, competitions, Art exhibitions, workshops, social events and other opportunities via email or at the Club Hall and also on this website.
  • All financial members can have photos and information about themselves and their work/activities posted on our website.
  • After 12 months as a member, and subject to Committee approval, you will be able to use the SAC hall for functions, activities and exhibitions. Proposal forms are available from your committee upon request.
  • Artists and Members will have the opportunity to exhibit a limited number of works in regular exhibitions subject to 15% commission to the SAC on sold works. (With the exception of “Studio Sorrento Inc.” exhibitions where the 15% goes to this incorporation for future Art Shows).
  • A signing of the register and a minimum $3 entry fee applies to all members attending activities and events at hall.  (Some activities are more to allow for purchase of supplies, morning tea,  etc )

Club History

The Portsea /Sorrento Senior Citizens Club was established in 1961
The current membership is 230

In 2013, the Committee of Management decided to adopt a non-ageist approach to the membership of the club. With MPS permission it was renamed as The Sorrento Activity Centre (SAC) but was, and still is, auspiced under its original Senior Citizens title as a not for profit incorporation/organisation.

From 2013 onwards the subsequent SAC Committees lobbied heavily with the Shire to have some major improvements made to the structure and operation of the Centre. These included a refurbishment of the theatre stage and the building of an extensive external deck. New and appropriate lighting was installed for Art Show exhibitions. A full audio visual system was purchased and installed for theatre shows and other events. These improvements have made the hall a far more welcoming space and conducive to the staging and hosting of a wider range of community events.

The Club has always prided itself in offering a wide range of activities to the local community. Currently it hosts several Art Groups, a Theatre Group, a Tia Chi Group, Photography Group, a Mahjong Group, a Movie Group and a Sewing Group. Several Theatrical events have been put on including a major work Hotel Sorrento.

Through regular annual Art shows the club has conscientiously raised funds for several charities and causes. The main one being for the Rosebud Hospital and more recently for the building of a Wellness Centre at Rosebud Secondary School.

The Club continues to negotiate and engage with MPS and its stakeholders and is committed to nurturing relationships with both ensuring the Club’s ongoing success as an integral part of our local community.

Everyone is included, no matter what age or abilities.